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commercial real estate financing

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Commercial Real Estate Insights
  • 06/21/2019

    Casden’s Capital Corner: Lock Now and Lock Fast

    Global Central Banks and the Fed were the apple of everyone’s eyes this week, spurring the major Equity Indexes to record highs, catapulting Bond Market gains back to levels not seen since 2016 here in the US and record low…

  • 11/09/2017

    Understanding Commercial Real Estate Interest Rate Trends in 2017

    Interest rates continue to have a major impact on Commercial Real Estate in 2017. For one, The Federal Reserve raised short-term interest rates for the third time in just six months. The quarter-point move boosted rates to now range between…

  • 01/12/2017

    Understanding MIP in HUD Multifamily Loans

    For individuals seeking multifamily financing, it is imperative that you know as much about FHA multi-family loans as possible. Often referred to and abbreviated as MIP, Mortgage Insurance Premium is a unique element associated with FHA Multifamily loans. The FHA,…

  • 11/09/2016

    Commercial vs. Residential Real Estate Loans

    If you are a property owner thinking about acquiring an apartment building, you’re not alone. As the country has shifted from ‘homeownership’ to ‘rentership’ coming out the Great Recession, the interest in and profitability of multifamily investment have increased. But…