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Equity Placement

Hunt’s Equity Strategies Group deploys the firm’s balance sheet and third-party-managed funds to capitalize value-add and opportunistic development of multifamily, mixed-use and small- and medium-sized enterprise (SME) office properties. Leveraging our proprietary network and Hunt’s development and commercial real estate services platforms, the Equity Strategies Group works with best-in-class joint venture partners seeking equity capital for Opportunity Zone and traditional developments.

What We Deliver with Equity Financing

Knowledgeable, Value-Add Partnership

With over 70 years of ownership experience, Hunt takes a disciplined investment approach with a focus on long-term capital stewardship, providing a like-minded capital partner over a minimum, 10-year tax-advantaged hold period.

Certainty of Execution

Hunt’s dedicated, in-house veteran capital markets and fund-raising team secures investor commitments, while our balance sheet capabilities bridge the investor timing nuances associated with Opportunity Zone rules.

Discretionary Balance Sheet

Hunt maintains balance sheet capital earmarked for direct, discretionary Opportunity Zone investments. Our capital solutions assist developers with land acquisition and advancing pre-development activities.

Hunt Platform Services

From streamlined access to permanent Agency multifamily financing via our Mortgage Banking Group, to priority relationships with the third-largest property management firm in the U.S., Hunt’s vertically-oriented real estate development, investment, and operations platform provides deep synergies and intelligence throughout the entire life of our capital partnerships.

What We Seek

Equity Deployment Opportunities

We invest equity capital starting at $10 million.

Target Markets

Projects located in urban and metro-urban Opportunity Zone-qualifying neighborhoods with access to transit, jobs, and services, where shifting demographics and economic trends create opportunities to drive growth and outsized returns.

Asset Type

Value-add and opportunistic development of multifamily, mixed-use and SME office properties.

Structural Advantages

Returns supported by a uniquely compelling basis or cost advantages that underwrite to an untrended yield on cost that is a meaningful spread to current cap rates.

Best-in-Class Sponsors

Capable sponsorship and teams with a demonstrated track record of successful like-kind projects.


We seek projects that support sustainable, inclusive growth and build stronger communities.