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Residential Mortgage Broker Partners

As a residential mortgage broker, why refer multifamily opportunities? In addition to being ‘another reason to say yes’, apartment transactions offer an additional revenue stream with the economy of scale for significant financial gain.

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Let us help kick off your marketing with these unbranded loan term sheets.

Our Loan Programs

  • Loan Minimum: $1,000,000
  • Loan Maximum: None
  • Fixed-Rate, Floating-Rate & Hybrid ARM
  • Non-Recourse Standard

Why Partner with Hunt?


Years of Experience

25 Offices Nationwide

Collaborative Approach

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Does your multifamily opportunity qualify?

If the property and the borrower meet the eight qualifications below, there is a good chance your opportunity fits with a Hunt loan program.


  • Value greater than $1.5MM
  • More than five units
  • 90% occupied for past three months
  • Well maintained
  • Does not have a HAP or Affordable Housing Contract


  • Experienced multifamily owner
  • Net worth exceeds loan amount
  • Nine months of principal & interest on hand
  • No history of bankruptcy or foreclosure